Understand the 
Gastric Sleeve Diet

Following the gastric sleeve diet is like training for a marathon. It takes time and patience and will look and feel different at various lengths from the start.

Get to know the "5 R's" of the bariatric diet journey.

The pre op diet prepares your body for surgery and weeks 1-4 post op helps you heal and prevent complications.

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Work?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery (VSG) or “sleeve” for short…

…helps you lose weight by making your stomach smaller. Your stomach is reduced from about the size of a football to approximately the size of a banana.

cartoon football
cartoon banana

Yes, it’s true!  Before gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach can hold a volume of food about the size of large football!

Approximately 70-80% of your stomach gets permanently removed in surgery, leaving a narrow tube shape, that looks kinda like a shirt sleeve or a banana. ..

...Thus the name Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Personally I think Banana Surgery would have been better ;)

Why does the gastric sleeve diet work?

A: A smaller stomach hold less food. Which means you eat less calories. Which means you lose weight.

However...it's not a guarantee. You have to do your part.

Post Op Diet

Gastric Sleeve Diet:
After the Recovery

Beyond the post op recovery diet, your gastric sleeve diet will continue to evolve. You’ll gradually be able to introduce a wider variety of foods as more time continues to pass. 

However, with a small stomach, it’s of utmost importance to choose nutrient dense food. Because you're eating less, every bite counts even more. 

The goal after surgery isn't to simply eat smaller portions of the same foods that got you into the predicament in the first place. The goal is to totally overhaul your diet and learn to eat healthier foods once and for all. 

Continue to introduce foods one by one to see how well they’re tolerated. .

Your long term diet should include:

That’s not really any different than the “usual healthy diet” you always hear about! But having gastric sleeve surgery will likely make it more urgent for you to comply. Use the Stage 4 Food lists as a guide to your grocery shopping.

As with a race, it’s easy to quit when things get challenging or aren’t going the way you want them to go. Keep in mind, you’re not going to change an entire lifetime of habits in a month or two…

…or three or four.

Following a bariatric diet is a marathon, not a sprint.

A marathon is a test of mental toughness and willingness to press on when everyone else would most likely quit. And so it is with the gastric sleeve diet.

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