Diet After Gastric Bypass:
Top 10 Most Hilarious Things You'll Experience 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of following the diet after gastric bypass, just remember that you're not alone! 

diet after gastric bypass

Your stomach is reduced from the size of a football to approximately the size of an egg after gastric bypass surgery. And honestly, the diet seems kind of ridiculous at times! It helps to have a sense of humor about it all. So here's my Top 10 list of funny things you experience after gastric bypass bariatric surgery:

hb egg

1. "I Can't Believe I Just Drank my 200th Protein Shake” 

The diet after gastric bypass means getting a lot of your nutrients from protein shakes in the early stages post op. This can be intimidating if you think protein shakes are chalky, tasteless drinks only body builder use.

You might find yourself feeling like you're auditioning for a role in "Rocky" as you down shake after shake. Learn how to vary your protein shakes. It will be endlessly useful!

2. "I Just Spent 20 Minutes Chewing One Bite of Chicken"

The diet after gastric bypass requires eating small, frequent meals and thoroughly chewing your food. This can be a challenge if you're used to wolfing down your meals in record time.

You might find yourself feeling like a cow as you methodically chew your way through each bite. (This is the only time feeling like a cow is a good thing!) Practice mindful eating with me.

3. "I Can't Believe I Just Paid $20 for a Tiny Bag of Protein-Rich Snacks"

Gastric bypass can be expensive, especially if you choose a lot of ready-made high-protein, low-carb snacks. You might find yourself feeling like you're being ripped off as you shell out a small fortune for a bag of protein-packed goodies.

Good News: You don’t have to rely solely on processed packaged foods for your protein. There are many grab-n-go “real food” options: Greek yogurt, string cheese, and beef jerky for example. More High Protein Bariatric Foods

4. "I Feel Like a Contestant on Top Chef"

"I just spent an hour prepping my meals for the week." The diet after gastric bypass means planning ahead and being prepared with healthy meals and snacks. You might find yourself feeling like a culinary master as you chop, measure, and portion out your meals for the week. See my meal planning strategies.

5. "I Can't Believe I Spent an Entire Evening Watching Cooking Videos on YouTube"

The diet after gastric bypass means getting creative in the kitchen, which can be a fun (and slightly obsessive) experience. You might find yourself getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole as you search for new and delicious recipes to try. See some simple no-cook ideas here.

6. "I Feel Like a Rabbit"

"I just spent my entire grocery budget on vegetables and lean protein."

The diet after gastric bypass means making some major changes to your grocery list. You might find yourself feeling like a health food nut as you stock up on lean protein and produce, while passing on all the tempting junk food.

Get a Bariatric Cookbook to learn new ways to prepare protein and veggies!

7. "I Can't Believe I Just Turned Down FREE Cake/Pizza/Insert Favorite Food Here

Gastric bypass means saying no to tempting treats, which can be tough if you're used to indulging whenever the opportunity arises. You might find yourself feeling like a party pooper as you pass on all the delicious goodies. Learn to satisfy cravings in a healthy way:

8. "I Feel Like a Contestant on Jeopardy"

  • "I can't believe I know the protein content of every food in the grocery store.” 

Protein is the foundation of the diet after gastric bypass....which means getting to know every possible source out there. You might find yourself feeling like a Olympic athlete as you chow down on high protein foods.

  • "I can't believe I just spent an entire day at the grocery store reading food labels. "

Gastric bypass means being diligent about reading labels and making sure you're getting enough protein and nutrients. You might find yourself feeling like a scientific nutrition expert as you spend hours at the grocery store comparing labels and making informed decisions about what to eat. My video tutorial on Label Reading is sure to reduce the time you spend sleuthing.

9. "I Feel Like a Food Stalker"

"I just spent an entire afternoon staring longingly at all the delicious, forbidden foods on Pinterest. Now I understand what 'food porn' means."

Focusing on everything you can’t eat is sad :(  It's better to improve diet by addition, not subtraction. Translation: Spend the day on Pinterest finding all the new healthy foods you CAN eat. Follow me on Pinterest

10. "I Feel Like I'm on a Emotional Rollercoaster Ride"

You're not just imagining it! Buckle up, because it's going to be a bumpy emotional rollercoaster filled with highs, lows, and everything in between.

Diet After Gastric Bypass:
"The 5 R's"

All silliness aside...

Despite these funny challenges, following the diet after gastric bypass can lead to significant weight loss and improved health.

Just remind yourself of all the positive changes you're making for your health and well-being, and try to focus on the delicious, healthy meals and snacks you CAN still enjoy.

In order to FULLY understand the nitty gritty details of the gastric bypass diet, you MUST know about each of the "5 R's": 

The “5 R’s” of the Bariatric Diet describe how the WHOLE journey looks from the time you start to prepare for weight loss surgery thru all the years beyond:

Getting Ready for Surgery

The Recovery

Rapid Weight Loss: Adjusting to the Diet Restrictions

Rest of Your Life

Potential Regain

Enjoy the ride (and the delicious, healthy meals) as much as you can and maintain a sense of humor! 

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