Bariatric Meal Planning
Made Easy

Bariatric meal planning simply means deciding what to eat in advance.  Whether you choose to meal prep too is a personal decision, but at least have a meal PLAN!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

Bariatric meal planning can take several different forms.  The only “wrong way” to meal plan…

…is NOT to meal plan at all!

Define YOUR Personal Bariatric Meal Planning Approach

What does meal planning mean to YOU?

Time for a little self-assessment: Do you want to plan all meals for 1 week at a time? Only dinners for the week? One full day of breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks? 

Think it through:

  • Plan for one day at time?
  • One week?
  • One month at a time?

Which Meals?

  • Plan ALL breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks?
  • Plan only dinners?
  • Plan only lunches?
  • Plan only breakfasts?
  • Plan only snacks?

Pro Tip:

If you’re new to meal planning, pick the ONE meal you struggle with the most. Start small.

No need to do a full 180 degree turn in a week. It’s overwhelming to go from no meal planning at all to full out cooking every morsel you’ll eat for the entire week.

If you run out the door without breakfast and find yourself in the fast-food lane every morning, then start with breakfast.

If you’re eating out every night because you’re too tired to cook at the end of the day, then start with dinner.

If you’re grabbing processed packaged high carb snack foods throughout the day to curb hunger, then start with snacks.

Bariatric Meal Planning:
Decide How Much Variety You Need…Or Don’t Need

Time for more self-assessment. The next step is to decide what your “boredom factor” is:

  • Can you eat the same thing for breakfast day after day after day?
  • Or do you need 2 options to alternate between?
  • 3?
  • Do you need to eat something totally different every single day?

You need the answers to these questions before you can start meal planning.

Maybe you’re planning for breakfast AND lunch. Assess both. You may have different answers for each meal. For example, you may be perfectly fine eating the same breakfast every day, but you may get bored with the same daily lunch. So plan one breakfast to eat for the whole week and two lunches to alternate between.

Bariatric Meal Planning: Bring the Plan to Life!

Once you decide on your meal planning approach, the fun part begins…

  • Select Your Meals
  • Write Down Your Plan
  • Grocery Shop
  • Save Your Work 

Select Your Meals

Bariatric Meal Ideas:

Where to Find Recipes:

Write Down Your Plan

Commit your plan to paper.

Studies show that goal setters achieve their goals. Planning what to eat is a goal! Committing your plan to paper is more powerful than just thinking it through in your head. It “ups” the level of intention and accountability.

Writing your meal plan down forces you to get clear on what you’re going to eat…

…and your grocery list practically makes itself as a result! Oh yeah…that’s an important point you don’t want to miss. In order to eat what you plan, you have to grocery shop!

Grocery Shop

You can’t eat what you don’t have! Make a list of all the groceries you need based on your meal plan.

Schedule a Day and Time

Schedule your meal planning and grocery shopping time on the calendar like they’re important appointments. Because they are.

If you’re planning to meal prep too, consider spreading out the planning, shopping, and cooking. Of course, it can all be done in one day, but that might be overwhelming.


  • Plan on one day (example: Friday)
  • Shop on another day (example: Saturday)
  • Meal prep (if desired) on a different day (example: Sunday)

Save Your Work

Once you have a written menu plan and a corresponding grocery list, file it away manually or electronically. Don’t throw all your hard work in the trash! You can pull it out and use it some week in the future when you’re pressed for time. Or you can simply cycle through your meal plans once you have enough of them.

Summing it Up

  • Define Your Personal Approach
  • Decide How Much Variety You Need
  • Bring the Plan to Life
  • Repeat This Process Regularly!

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