Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:
Top 5 Ways to Be Accountable

Are you mentally prepared for post op life? To assure you are, bariatric surgery pre op preparation needs to include decisions about:

These are two key factors to success. Without accountability and motivation it’s really IMPOSSIBLE to stay the course long term.

Preparing for Bariatric Surgery:
How Will You Be Accountable Long Term?

Say what you’ll do. Do what you say. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Why is it so hard then?!

Think through how you plan to stay accountable long before you have surgery. Here’s how you can be responsible to someone or something for what you do:

Top 5 Ways To Be Accountable

  • Find an Accountability Partner
  • Get a Workout Buddy
  • Keep a Food Diary
  • Commit to Regular Self Weighing
  • Find Support Group Meetings

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:

This is someone you can discuss your choices with, not your weight:

  • Friend
  • Dietitian (like me!)
  • Facebook group

Talk about:

  • What are you planning to eat?
  • What did you actually eat?

Your accountability partner is NOT your food police. However, they shouldn’t be TOO forgiving. They aren’t there to judge you. They need to be honest and able to keep you accountable for your choices and help you reflect on them…. in a graceful, non-punitive way…even when you’ve gone astray.

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:

When someone else is counting on you to show up, you won’t want to let them down. You’ll likely encourage each other and work harder (and get better results) than you would on your own.

Pick someone with the same:

  • Goals
  • Commitment
  • Schedule (exercise in the morning, after work, or evening?)

Who could it be?

  • Friend?
  • Co-worker?
  • Neighbor?

Don’t forget to consider your dog! They’ll certainly think YOU are the perfect workout buddy ;)

You could also try a workout app to connect virtually with others that share your goals and can help keep you motivated!

Before you start:

  • Figure out your own fitness goals
  • Decide how much time you’re willing to commit

Be the workout buddy you’d want to have!

One of the best ways to get motivated and stay accountable is to help someone else. Show up for a friend the way you'd want someone to show up for you.

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:

When you make a choice, own it. If you bite it, write it! Even when it’s the “wrong” choice. You’re only fooling yourself and avoiding accountability when you don’t track “off track” choices.

Keeping a food log:

  • Keeps you on track
  • Gets you back on track when you’ve fallen off

You go to a doctor when you’re sick, right? They help you get healthy again. Think of your food diary in a similar way. It’s like a checkup on yourself that will help you get back to healthy choices.

In the beginning it’s smart to keep a food log every day. However, it’s not realistic to think you’ll do so for every single day of the rest of your life.

Ongoing, PLAN to keep a food log for the first week of every month.

Record what you eat for a week at the beginning of every month. Whether you’re doing “great” or not. This is a methodical way to maintain self-awareness and it provides early warning if/when problems arise so they can be nipped in the bud.

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:

Weighing yourself regularly can be a key behavioral strategy for staying on track, or it can cause negative psychological consequences!

If you can view the scale as simply providing feedback on your choices rather than an indication of self-worth, then it’s a good tool to have in your toolbox.

According to research: If you weigh yourself regularly, you'll be more successful in losing weight and keeping it off in the long run.

Your weight will fluctuate:

  • Day to day
  • Over the course of one day

So there’s no need to weigh every day nor multiple times per day. I suggest:  

Weekly Weigh Ins:

  • Weigh yourself on the same day every week
  • Weigh yourself at the same time of day

Record Your Weight:

  • On a calendar
  • With an app

Review for Trends Over Time:

Weight loss will never be linear. Your trend in weight over time will tell you more about what happening than any single number at a given moment.

Bariatric Surgery Pre Op Preparation:

Tell others about your goals and your achievements. Scream if from the rooftops. Well maybe not ;) But at least say publicly what you'll do, and it will help you privately do what you say. Make a public commitment.

Talking in groups isn’t for everyone though, I know. Even if you show up to a support group meeting and never say a word, you’ll get a sense that you have a “family” on your side, to keep you on track during good times and bad.

Look into a weight loss support group facilitated by your hospital or surgery practice, organize a group of trusted friends or family members, or research online support groups before you ever have surgery so you know you have accountability waiting on the other side.

Bariatic Surgery Pre Op Preparation:
The Takeaway

Even after having bariatric surgery, the choices you make day after day will determine how successful you are in reaching your ultimate weight loss goal. To be successful, you must keep yourself accountable day after day.

Accountability can take many forms. Sometimes one form works better than another. Sometimes multiple forms when used at the same time work best. Find what works best for YOU at any given moment:

  • Accountability Partner
  • Workout Buddy
  • Food Diary
  • Regular Self Weighing
  • Support Group Meetings

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