Stage 2 Bariatric Diet:
Full Liquids and Pureed Foods

The Stage 2 bariatric diet includes:

  • All foods from Stage 1
  • “Full liquids” (thick liquids)
  • Pureed foods (if your surgeon allows it at this point)

The phase 2 diet can last 3-10 days or possibly even up to a month, depending on your surgeon’s particular guidelines.

Every surgery practice has different guidelines for the post op diet progression. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.

What to Eat

Stage 2 Bariatric Diet Foods:

  • Protein Shakes
  • Milk: skim/nonfat or lowfat
  • Soy milk, unsweetened (Note: Other nondairy milks like almond, rice, coconut, are typically NOT high protein)
  • Yogurt: Plain or Plain Greek, no fruit pieces
  • Blended cottage cheese
  • Blended Bean Soups: black bean, lentil, split pea
  • Refried beans (fat free or vegetarian)

Note: “Best Choices” are good protein sources (Remember, you’re trying to reach a lofty protein goal, so choosing high protein foods is smart.)

Stage 2 Bariatric Surgery Diet:

  • Blended Vegetable Soups
  • Mushy fruit: Unsweetened applesauce, pureed fruit, fruit blended into protein drinks
  • Blended cooked non-starchy vegetables like green beans, carrots
  • Smashed avocado or guacamole
  • Thinned oatmeal
  • Lowfat hummus
  • Any whole food you can blend (to applesauce consistency) that is still appealing to you

Note: “Next Best Choices” are real, whole, quality foods; not necessarily high in protein, but high in vitamins, minerals, and/or fiber.

Stage 2 Bariatric Diet Foods:

  • Sugar-free puddings
  • Strained low fat, low sodium soups like cream of mushroom, cream of chicken
  • Thinned cream of wheat, cream of rice or grits              
  • Mashed potatoes

Note: “Acceptable Choices” are foods typically allowed on the Phase 2 bariatric diet simply because of their texture. However, rely on them less because they don’t add much protein or good nutrition to your diet, and are higher in carbohydrates.

Just because you CAN eat these "acceptable" choices doesn’t mean you SHOULD eat them regularly.  That being said, anything on this “acceptable” list can be made better (higher protein) by stirring in some plain protein powder.

What are the Right Portion Sizes
for the Stage 2 Bariatric Diet?

Don’t be surprised if you feel full after eating a very tiny amount. As little as 1-2 small bites could fill you up the very first time you try to eat something post op. 

As the inflammation from the surgery goes down, you can slowly eat a bit more. You may “graduate” to 1-2 Tablespoons after a few days or a week and possibly 1/4 cup-ish by the end of the month.

However, portion sizes depend on several factors, so there’s no assigned amounts to ascribe to. Everyone heals at their own unique pace.

It’s more important to eat mindfully than to worry about eating the “right” amount on the stage 2 bariatric diet.

Critical For Success:
Develop a Mealtime Schedule

Start off right by establishing a set meal schedule. Eat only at planned times. Even if you only eat 1 or 2 bites at your scheduled times, you’re setting a regular pattern of eating.

You need to eat small frequent meals every few hours at the Stage 2 bariatric diet. It’s the only way physically possible to meet your protein goal.

How often

you need to eat

will change over time

Eat within an hour of waking up, and then plan for every 2-4 hours thereafter. A pattern of 3 meals + 2 planned snacks at approximately the same times every day could look like this:  

  • 7am
  • 10am
  • 1pm 
  • 4pm
  • 7pm 

The portions of real food are too small on the Stage 2 bariatric surgery diet to provide any significant nutrition, so you MUST rely on protein shakes to provide the needed protein in the beginning.

If you drink 2 protein shakes with 30 grams protein each at “snack” time, then you can try a few bites of “real food” at mealtimes. (If you need higher amounts of protein, have a third protein drink.) Like this:

  • 7am: Greek yogurt
  • 10am: Protein Shake (30 grams protein)
  • 1pm: Cottage cheese
  • 4pm: Protein Shake (30 grams protein)
  • 7pm: Blended vegetable soup
  • 9pm: Protein Shake (30 grams) if needed

Remember, even if you only eat 1 or 2 bites at your planned times, you’re establishing a regular pattern of eating. This will serve you well moving forward.

Over time, you can slowly get more protein from real foods at your meals, and rely less and less on protein shakes in between.

The Take Home

  • There are many Bariatric Diet Stage 2 foods to choose from. Here’s another list of what to eat divided by food groups.
  • There are no prescription portion sizes. Everyone heals at their own unique pace. Eat mindfully to know what’s right for you.
  • Develop a mealtime schedule!!!!!

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