Bariatric Surgery Must Haves:
Top Diet Essentials

bariatric surgery must haves

If you're gearing up for bariatric surgery and wondering what essentials to stock up on for your recovery at home and beyond, I’ve got you covered! Let me share with you my top picks for bariatric surgery must haves.

From making recovery a breeze to elevating your post surgery life, these items will be your secret weapon. So, gear up and get ready to conquer the journey ahead with eeeeease.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you choose to purchase one of the items I earn a small percentage to help support this site without any extra cost to you. 

Make Recovery a Breeze

The thought of undergoing a major surgery can be intimidating, to say the least. So make sure you've got these bariatric surgery essentials at home before you set foot in the operating room. Having them in your corner makes life a little easier, I promise!

1. Hydration Help

Don't let dehydration dampen your post surgery journey. It’s the #1 reason for readmission post op.

With 64 ounces of fluid a day being crucial, hydration help tops my bariatric surgery must haves list. Having a water bottle that you enjoy using will make it easier!

My favorite hydration hacks:

Trust me, keeping hydrated will keep you on track and out of the hospital!

2. Protein, Protein, Protein

Protein is the cornerstone of the bariatric diet. And liquid protein…meaning “protein shake”… is your go-to source of nutrition for the early days and weeks after surgery. And it can help you meet your daily protein goals for months and years afterwards.

Top Options:

Pro Tip: Make sure to try out a few flavors before your surgery so you know what you like!

3. Unflavored Whey Wonder

Unflavored whey isolate protein is a bariatric surgery essential that deserves it’s own space on the bariatric surgery must haves list. This powder is a lifesaver if you experience a change in taste post op (“every thing tastes sooo sweet!”) or you need a sneaky protein boost to reach your daily goal. Here's how to put it to work in your kitchen:

  • Add to soup to make “high protein soup”
  • Add to yogurt for an extra protein boost
  • Add to a ready made protein shake for extra protein power
  • Use it in your own whole food based protein shake

4. Pill Packer Pal

With a plethora of vitamins supplements crucial to your journey, managing them can seem daunting. But fear not, my friend! A pill organizer (for your vitamins) is your secret weapon in the war against forgetfulness.

Simply set it up at the start of each week and let it keep track of your daily doses for you.

...Whew! Those are the bariatric diet products I love to help you get through the immediate recovery period…

Elevate Post Surgery Life

For a fabulously fabulous bariatric diet for life, here are more weight loss surgery must haves:

5. Portion Patrol

Master your portion control game with bariatric portion control plates and bowls

They trick your brain into thinking you're digging into a hearty portion, all while keeping your portions bariatric friendly...

...because let's face it, a small portion looks better on a small plate than a big one!


Outsmart your plate and win at meal times with these bariatric surgery must haves. Something you definitely need at home in your cupboards after bariatric surgery.

6. Tiny Tools

Small utensils make a big impact on your meal experience.  It's hard to overfill a small fork or spoon! They’re key players in the portion control game and the mindful eating game. Hands down, a bariatric surgery essential.

7. Measurement Marvels

Get portions right from the get-go…starting in the kitchen. Ditch random serving sizes and instead, use trusty measuring cups and spoons, or measured ladles to dish out precision portions.

Say goodbye to rough estimates and hello to precise portion perfection. Dining with accuracy doesn’t get any easier! It’s a no brainer.

8. Meal Prep Mavericks

If you’re planning to meal prep (hint, hint, wink, wink), grab a set of the best meal prep containers. Trust me, there's more to these little wonders than meets the eye.

Avoid the frustration of feeling like Goldilocks, trying container after container, only to find "This one's too BIG, this one leaks, and this one's just plain ugly!"

Get ahead of the game and check out my other top meal prep/portion control container picks - guaranteed to be “just right." ;)

9. Food Diary

Of course, no conversation about weight loss is ever complete without the mention of a food journal! It's no secret that keeping track of what you eat is a proven game-changer when it comes to shedding those extra pounds.

So, whether you prefer a classic pen and paper, a stylish journal, or a high-tech app,! And, to make it even easier, download my free bariatric food journal, and discover my tips and tricks to make the most of your food journaling journey here.

10. Dietitian Dynamo

Of course no bariatric surgery must have list would be complete without your secret weapon for success… Having a knowledgeable dietitian…like ME…by your side. Together we equal the dietary dream team! Let’s do this!


The Bottom Line for Your Bottom Line:
Bariatric Surgery Must Haves

There you go! The top 10 list of bariatric surgery essentials. With these weight loss surgery must haves, you'll be well on your way to a smooth recovery and a fabulous post surgery life.

So, stock up and get ready to enjoy your weight loss journey!

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