What are Slider Foods, You Ask?
A Bariatric Dietitian Answers


What are slider foods you ask?  The diet saboteurs that will have you questioning your willpower.

They make it all too easy to fall back into bad habits and make you question if your surgery was even worth it. They are in a word...your nemesis...after bariatric surgery.

These sneaky little bites slide into your stomach and right out just as quickly, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and reaching for more. And they're the imposter of the food world, offering little to no nutritional value.

Just when you think you've had enough, they lure you in for seconds, leaving you with a stomach full of regret and a waistline that's expanding. So beware my bariatric surgery warriors, these slippery foods are your arch enemy #1.

However, with a little knowledge and my pro tips, you can outsmart these foods, stay off the slippery slope, and keep your weight loss journey on track.

List of Slider Foods

These are the ultimate diet saboteurs, tempting you with their empty promises of deliciousness:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Potato chips
  • Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Candy

Why Sliders Are So Hard To Resist

Are you constantly reaching for the slider foods despite knowing all this? Don't worry, you're not alone! Here are a few reasons why it’s so difficult to break off the love affair:

They're like the drive-thru of the food world - quick, easy, and no messy utensils required. Who wants to spend the time and effort it takes to eat mindfully when you can just pop a slider food in your mouth and call it a day? 

They're the ultimate convenience food - perfect for those days when you can't be bothered to cook a proper meal. Grab one on the go and keep on moving!

Let's face it, healthy food can be boring. Sliders are like a delicious little cheat day in your pocket, always there to tempt you with their irresistible taste.

  • The Solution: Stock up on bariatric friendly grab-n-go snacks.

What Are Slider Foods?
What Makes them So Slippery?

You now understand that slider foods are the ultimate party crashers - sneaking into your stomach without an invitation and exiting just as quickly, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and craving more. But what makes them so slippery?

It all comes down to how your body digest carbohydrates.

Unlike other foods, carbs start breaking down as soon as they enter your mouth and hit your taste buds. By the time they reach your stomach, they're already soft and ready to slide into the small intestine and quickly into your bloodstream.

This is how they get their name: slider foods sliiiide into and out of your digestive system quickly and effortlessly.

Saltine Cracker Experiment

Think of it like this: take a saltine cracker and place it on your tongue. Without chewing, it will start to turn to mush and taste sweet.

That's because an enzyme in your saliva (salivary amylase) begins to break down the starch in the cracker and turn it into glucose (sugar).

Once the cracker is swallowed, it doesn’t need to waste time in the stomach getting further digested…it’s ready to go! It can therefore be absorbed very quickly as “blood sugar.”

But, as with any party crasher, there are negative consequences - in this case:

  • Feeling hungry soon after
  • Experiencing a spike in blood sugar

The spike in blood sugar is what leads to the unpleasant side effect called...

Dumping Syndrome

It’s the uncomfortable aftermath of indulging in "the sliders": 1-3 hours after the meal you start feeling shaky, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated. Possible diarrhea too.

No fun! Just like a temptress, they lure you in with their sweet promises, only to leave you feeling sick and defeated. A high price to pay for a momentary fling.

So now that you know what are slider foods...

What’s a Bariatric Warrior to Do?

With my pro-tips, you'll be able to resist their alluring call and keep your weight loss journey on track.

Turn Your Home Into a Weight Loss Fortress

In other words, keep a safe, bariatric friendly home. Get rid of any tempting foods or trigger foods. Out of sight, out of mind. Simple enough, right? Trust me, it's better than relying on inconsistent willpower.

And don't worry, you don't have to sacrifice your loved ones’ favorite snacks. Simply store them in a cabinet you can't reach or in the refrigerator’s bottom drawer where you can't see them.

So it’s time to purge the pantry and…

Stock up On Bariatric Friendly Grub

Stock up on healthy, grab-n-go high-protein snacks like:

  • Reduced fat string cheese
  • Jerky
  • Deli turkey
  • Pre hardboiled eggs

It's easy to resist slider foods when you have a alternative that’s just as convenient.

Get Back to The Basics

First and foremost, get back to the fundamentals of the bariatric diet:

The Food Group Hierarchy:

Eat mindfully

Distinguish between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

Keep Your Eye on the Prize

Remember why you had surgery in the first place. Keep your motivation up in the forefront in your mind and "in your face" by making a vision board.

If you missed my newsletter on how to do so, you can find it here.

The Bottom Line for Your Bottom Line:
What are Slider Foods?

  • Highly processed, high carb foods that slide into your stomach with ease, but don't stick around long enough to leave you feeling full. You love ‘em and they leave you… feeling bloated, sick, and defeated.
  • They’re “slippery” because of how fast they’re digested.
  • Use my pro-tips, and you'll be able to say "no" to slider foods and say "yes" to your weight loss goals.

Don't let sliders gaslight you and ghost your progress! Kick 'em to the curb and keep on track towards your weight loss goals. You’ve got this!

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