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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #24- What to Do When You Want a "Sammie?"
February 01, 2023

Are Carb Swaps Really the Answer?

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #024 -- What to do when you wanna eat a "sammie" after bariatric surgery.

In This Issue

1) What are you going to do when you get a craving for a "sammie?"
2) What's New


Noun, informal.
A sandwich.

But wait...eating a sammie requires bread, doesn’t it?!

Those dreaded carbs always want to rear their ugly heads. What’s a bariatric warrior to do?

a). Just eat the bread and try to be perfect tomorrow
b). Eat it really fast while no one is watching so it won’t count
c). Use whole wheat bread and everything will be ok
d). Use low carb bread and think “I’ve got this!”
e). Use a carb swap
f). Make a veggie swap

And the correct answer is… … (enter drumroll)...f!

Yes that's right...a veggie swap is a step above all the rest… a, b, c, AND even d & e... the low carb and carb swap options.

Read the full article to find out why.
(P.S. It's an easy read, and one you don't want to miss!)
If you simply want some veggie swap sammie ideas, read on...


It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this week. Making healthy food choices doesn't have to be a punishment. In fact, it can be an exciting culinary adventure! Check out what I mean:

Cucumber or Zucchini Boats

It's time to set sail! Slice these tasty vegetables in half, scoop out a little of the middle, and fill with sandwich favorites like tuna salad, chicken salad or egg salad.

You can also make "sushi" sandwich rolls by adding the other half on top and slicing like a sushi chef would cut a California roll!

Too much work? Simply slice these low cal, low carb nutrition powerhouses into "rounds" and top with your "sandwich" filling.

Pro Tip: Remember to use plain nonfat Greek yogurt in lieu of mayonnaise.

A Sweet Experience

How about adding some sweetness to the mix?! Use thick slices of tomatoes or apples in place of bread.

Load up a thick tomato slice or two with tuna salad. Optional: Top with a slice of lowfat cheese and broil for a tuna melt.


Simply fold some low sodium turkey slices on top of thick apple slices. Add some mustard or hummus and lunch is ready in a flash.

Portabella Mushrooms Caps

These meaty mushrooms make for a filling and tasty base for your sandwich/burger. And the best part? Low carbs and low calories.

Turkey “burger” anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

A Final Reminder

Don’t forget to Read the Full Article to understand what and why "veggie swaps" are smarter than “carb swaps.”

It's a really good article you won't want to least my mom says so ;)

What's New

The little elves have been hard at work since we last "spoke."

...Well who am I kidding...I'M all the little elves...and Santa too. Just a one woman show here :)

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New Articles

In case you don't already know, new content is alway posted on the

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And I've been hard at work creating lots of new content for you.

Here's just a handful of the newest articles:

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Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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