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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #36- Does Protein Timing Matter?
July 21, 2023

Does Protein Timing Matter?

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #036 -- What the research says about eating protein in the morning and how it affects your behavior the rest of the day.

In this issue:
1.) The Research Says…
2.) Food Finds

In a fascinating study published in the prestigious Obesity Journal, researchers delved into the intriguing relationship between protein consumption and eating behavior.

Over 9,000 individuals were carefully examined, and the findings shed light on a crucial aspect of daily dietary choices.

Interestingly, the study uncovered a significant connection between protein intake during different parts of the day and overall calorie consumption.

Those who ate lower amounts of protein in the morning tended to consume more calories later on in the day. On the other hand, individuals who made sure to include ample protein in their early meals naturally ended up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

You already know that eating protein at each meal & snack is important, however this research emphasizes that the timing of protein intake is particularly critical.

Bottom Line: Start your day with a protein packed breakfast!

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Food Finds

Dannon Light & Fit Zero Sugar Flavored Yogurt

• 5.3 ounces = 11 grams protein, 50 calories
• I think this yogurt is even a step above the Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt because it doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners or flavors!

365 Egg White Bites

• 2 bites= 12 grams protein, 120 calories.
• (“365” is the generic Whole Foods brand)
• Find in the frozen food section
• These are the lowest calorie, lowest fat egg white bites I’ve come across!

Kickstart your day with a nourishing, protein-packed breakfast. By doing so, you'll not only set yourself up for a great start but also support better eating habits throughout the day!

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