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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #007-- Memorial Day Weekend Tips for Staying on Track
May 25, 2022

Summer is Officially Arriving! Memorial Day Weekend Tips

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #007 -- Memorial Day Weekend Tips for Eating Smart and Staying on Track

In This Issue

Backyard BBQ Tips:
1) Before you Go/Before Guests Arrive
2) While You’re There
3) When You Leave/When Party is Over
Summer is officially arriving. Memorial Day weekend is upon us! So whether you’re hosting or attending a backyard BBQ, here are some tips to help you eat smart and stay on track:

Before You Go/Before the Guests Arrive

•Eat a little something before the event. In fact, eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Undereating early on always leads to overeating later on! Being overly hungry at an event with lots of tempting food is not a good combination.
•Stay on top of hydration throughout the day before you go too. It will help control your appetite. Be sure to have your refillable water bottle with you at all times. Try a fun “fruit infused water” to make “usual” water more festive: Add slices of orange, strawberries, lemon, limes and/or fresh herbs like mint.
•Bring something "safe" you know you can eat. Some ideas: veggie platter, fruit tray, hard boiled eggs, 3 bean salad.

My Favorite Red, White and Blue Ideas:

Pinterest Memorial Day Board

•Make/Bring a healthy version of something otherwise not so healthy: make a pasta salad with veggie spirals, “nice cream” in place of ice cream for dessert, or simply bring a sugar free BBQ sauce or low cal salad dressing.
•Know your weakness and bring a smart “swap out.” Baked chips anyone?
•Have a plan. Have a general idea of what you’re planning to eat…and not eat. Tell someone else your plan.
•Remind yourself you’re going to a “people event with food present.” NOT a “food event with people present.” Think about it ;)

While You're There

•Remind yourself you’re AT a “people event with food present.” NOT a “food event with people present.” Think about it again ;)
•Socialize. Get involved in any games that might be going on…cornhole? Ping pong? Croquet? Jenga? Or bring a game!
•Survey all the food options before you make a choice. If there are many, many options, it will be tempting to try a little of everything. Look at ALL the choices before you decide which ones are most important to have.
•Good choices: Lean turkey burgers, chicken breasts, veggies burgers, grilled veggies, raw veggies dipped in hummus or salsa, fresh fruit platter.
•Wrap your (veggie/turkey) burger in a lettuce leaf instead of a high calorie bun
•Skip high calorie mayo and opt for mustard instead.
•Make your own salad from typical burger toppings: lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onions, pickles. Top with salsa or a little sugar free BBQ sauce for dressing.
•Once you have your food, sit down as far away from the serving table/grill as possible.
•Sit with your back to the table/grill where food is being prepared and served.

When You Leave/When BBQ is Over

•Just say taking tempting leftovers home.
•If you’re hosting, send temping leftovers with guests who WILL say yes •Throw away tempting leftovers. OUCH…I know that’s a tough one. But remember this: “Throw in out or throw it in. Either way it goes to waste…W-A-S-T-E or W-A-I-S-T." You choose.

Do Your Best

Have fun and enjoy yourself!

You don’t have to be a perfect eater to be successful. If you haven’t heard me say this yet…Please always remember:

…”There are no good foods/bad foods. There are only good patterns/bad patterns. One meal won’t make or break you. Patterns make or break you.

Do the best you can. That's good enough.

Happy Memorial Day! Let’s have a great summer!

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