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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #54-Master Grocery List: A Must Have
March 27, 2024

Master Grocery List

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #54--Have a “master grocery list” you shop for regularly. It’s one of the best skills you can cultivate.

Picture this: you come home after a long day, tired but determined to whip up something delicious and nutritious. But oh no!.... the fridge is bare, and the pantry is echoing with emptiness.

Never get to that point! You’ll probably make an emotional decision about what to eat in the above scenario.

Alternatively, set yourself up for success.

Have a “master grocery list” you shop for regularly. It’s one of the best skills you can cultivate.

A “master” or “core grocery list,” either written or in your head, is a list of essential ingredients to always have on hand. (They can be grab-n-go if necessary!)

Personally, I never shop with a list, but I always have my “core” items in mind when I go into the grocery store. I might buy other things beside the list, but I never leave the store with less than my core ingredients on hand.

Meet Your All-Stars-

Always keep 2-4 items from each category on hand.

1. Protein Powerhouses

• Canned chicken or chicken pouches
• Canned tuna or tuna pouches
• Canned salmon or salmon pouches
• Plain nonfat greek yogurt


• Nonfat or lowfat cottage cheese
• All types of canned beans: pinto, black, garbanzo, kidney, etc.
• Eggs
• Frozen turkey meatballs


• Powdered peanut butter

2. Veggie Vibes in the Freezer

Keep a rainbow of vegetables in the freezer! Low in calories but high in vitamins and fiber, they're the perfect partners for any meal…and they won’t rot away in the vegetable drawer!

Think riced veggies like riced cauliflower or riced broccoli, and spiralized veggies like “zoodles.” Don’t forget about broccoli florets, spinach, Brussels sprouts, green beans, peppers, and onions.

3. Frozen Fruits

These are good quality, nutrient dense “carbs:” strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc. Fresh fruit is always great too…but I’m suggesting frozen here because you don’t have to replenish it as often.

4. Flavor Boosters

Herbs, spices, (low sodium) condiments, and/or small amounts of flavorful cheese are the secret weapons in your culinary arsenal. They transform even the simplest dish into a taste sensation. Some of my favs:

• Mrs Dash low sodium seasonings or marinades
• Trader Joes Pizza Sprinkle
• Trader Joes Chile Lime
• Trader Joes Ranch seasoning blend


• Everything but the Bagel seasoning blend
• Low sodium soy sauce or tamari
• Balsamic vinegar
• Feta cheese

Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

• Zoodle Stir-Fry: Heat up spiralized zucchini, toss it in a hot pan with your favorite veggies like broccoli or cherry tomatoes and protein like turkey meatballs and finish with a drizzle of soy sauce. Voila!

• Protein-Packed Salad: Top a bed of leafy greens with a chicken pouch, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, and a sprinkle of feta cheese. Top it off with balsamic vinegar.

• Egg Muffins: Heat up frozen veggies like peppers and onions, whisk together with eggs and a sprinkle of cheese, then pour into muffin tins and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until set. Perfect for grab-and-go breakfasts or snacks!

When the right foods are readily available, you're armed and ready to create fast, healthy meals at the drop of a hat!

Having a well-stocked kitchen filled with bariatric-friendly staples isn't just about convenience – it's about SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS.

Do it now!

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Suzette Kroll, RDN

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