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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #32- Survive Memorial Day BBQs with 3 Sizzling Tips!
May 24, 2023

Survive Memorial Day BBQ with 3 Sizzling Tips!

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #032 -- How to survive the Memorial Day BBQ without ruining your bariatric diet.

In this issue:
1) 3 Tips for Surviving the Holiday BBQ
2) Menu Suggestions

The unofficial start of summer is upon us! Here’s how to embrace the summer vibes without compromising your progress to date.

Tip #1: Don’t Show Up Starving!

You might think it's genius to starve yourself all day, preparing for the massive feast awaiting you at the Memorial Day BBQ. But—DON'T! Trust me, this tip is pure gold.

Why? Because showing up with a grumbling belly is a recipe for disaster. Seriously, disaster.

Picture this: You're famished, your mind is foggy, and suddenly every plate of greasy goodness looks like a heavenly mirage. Boom! Impulsive decision-making takes over, and next thing you know, you're devouring everything in sight faster than a hungry T-rex. R.I.P., self-control.

But fear not, for I have a game-changing strategy: Enjoy a pre-BBQ mini-meal packed with protein and/or fiber. It's like a secret weapon against the forces of overeating!

Munch on a cheese stick, chew on some beef jerky, sip a protein shake, or dive into a bowl of Greek yogurt with cherry tomatoes, or cottage cheese and berries before you go. You'll arrive at the BBQ armed with rationality and the power to conquer temptation!

Tip #2: Drink Responsibly

Keep your hydration game strong. Treat your water goals with the same commitment you give any other day. After all, just because it's a holiday, it doesn't mean you can let loose and forget the fundamental principles of success.

Staying hydrated is like the superhero cape of your well-being—it's always key!

If you're craving something more festive than plain old water, why not jazz it up? Make a Memorial Day fruit-infused water that screams patriotic pride: picture slices of strawberries, pineapple chunks, and blueberries swimming in that H2O goodness. It's like a pool party for your taste buds!

Also…I know those margaritas, frozen daiquiris and fizzy sodas might be winking at you, tempting you to break your calorie-counting vows, but trust me, those calories aren’t worth it! Who needs 'em when you’ve been rocking your bariatric goals?!

So raise your glasses—filled with hydrating awesomeness—and toast to a healthy Memorial Day BBQ!

Tip #3: It’s a People Party, Not a Food Fiesta

Keep your focus razor-sharp. Remember, the gathering isn't just about the food—it's about the activities, the people, and the essence of togetherness.

So, let the laughter fill the air, the bonds grow stronger, and the food become a delightful ACCOMPANIMENT to the main event—the fabulous company and the reason for the gathering!

Step one: Position yourself strategically. Keep your back to that tantalizing food table. It's time to focus on what truly matters—your friends and family. Don't just be a food aficionado; become a master of social engagement!

Step two: Let the games begin! Channel your inner champion and show off your skills in the art of fun. Grab a ball and challenge the kids to a game of catch, or become the reigning ping pong or dart champion of the party.

And if you think the gathering will lack excitement, fear not! You shall be the superhero who arrives with a bag of party goodies: cornhole, ring toss, croquet, or a tower of Jenga blocks. The party won't know what hit it!

Menu Suggestions:

Lean Proteins: Turkey burger, chicken burger, bean burger, BBQ chicken, chicken kabobs

Carb Swaps: Use lettuce wraps or grilled portabella mushrooms in place of burger buns

Veggies: Veggie kabobs, raw veggie platter with salsa for dip

Snacks: Air fried vegetables (zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes) in place of chips

Dessert: Grilled watermelon, grilled peaches, Red White and Blue Fruit Desserts

Check out my Pinterest Memorial Day Board for the recipes and more mouthwatering red, white, and blue ideas that'll make your celebration sparkle.

Who says healthy can't be utterly fabulous?!

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