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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #17--Happy Halloween: Tricks for Outsmarting Treats. Ideas so good its scary!
October 19, 2022

Happy Halloween!
Tricks for Outsmarting Treats

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #017 -- Halloween is fast approaching. These healthy eating tips are so good they're scary!

In This Issue

1) For the Party Host
2) If You're Handing Out Candy
3) If You're Going Trick-or-Treating
4) Healthy Tips
5) What to do with Leftover Candy

For the Party Host

1. Dress up Healthy Foods. Good-for-your snacks are fun to eat when they look festive! Serve healthy foods dressed up in Halloween costumes: banana ghosts, pumpkin clementines, Frankenstein fruit cups, skeleton vegetable trays, candy corn colored popsicles, etc., etc., etc.
See my Halloween Pinterest Board for ideas!

2. Rethink the drinks:

Be sure to have plenty of water, fruit infused water, and/or alkaline water.

Serve flavored unsweetened tea like orange spice or chai.

Make a Halloween-themed punch from sparkling water + splash of 100% orange juice. Garnish with fresh fruit slices like black grapes, blackberries, and/or orange slices in keeping with an orange and black theme.

3. Make Pumpkin Protein Shakes!

If You're Handing Out Candy

1. Don't buy your favorite candy to hand out. Choose something you can more easily resist. Love chocolate? Buy bubble gum or lollipops instead!

2. Don’t buy candy until a few hours before you have to pass it out! If you MUST buy it sooner, keep it out of sight, out of mind. Store it in an outside refrigerator. Or tie up a grocery bag with 4-5 knots and store it in a hard-to-reach cabinet. The work of getting to it may deter you from doing so!

3. Pass out non-food treats:
• Fake teeth or wax fangs
• Eyeball bouncy balls
• Temporary tattoos or stickers
• Bubbles
• Erasers, coloring pencils or crayons
• Plastic spider rings
• Small Halloween-themed notebooks
• Slime
• Friendship bracelets

If You're Going Trick-or-Treating

1. Fill up first. Sit down and eat a healthy meal with your kid(s) before you head out. It’s easier to avoid temptation when tummies are full!

2. Avoid the pillowcase! When I was a child we went trick or treating with a pillowcase in hopes of coming home with as much loot as possible. As an adult, I realize this isn’t really the best idea! Choose smaller trick or treat bags and encourage your kids to take only one piece of candy from each house. Less loot means less leftovers and less temptation.

3. Start a tradition that trick or treating is a fun family exercise activity. Walk instead of drive to each house. Set a goal of how many houses or streets you’ll visit. Set up a friendly neighborhood challenge and compete to see who can go to the most houses!

Healthy Tips

1. Keep count. If there were ever a day to keep a food journal, Halloween is that day! Don't lose track of how many pieces of candy you eat. The best weight loss tool isn’t a’s a pen! Writing increases accountability.

2. Don't drastically cut calories early in the day in an attempt to counteract excessive candy eating later on. Under eating ALWAYS leads to overeating ;)

3. Have a plan. If you think you’re going to have some candy, plan how much it will be. Tell someone else your plan so it helps you stay accountable. Keep in mind…Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

What to Do with Leftover Candy

1. Check your local dentists’ offices to see if they have buy-back or trade-in programs.

2. Donate excess candy to a homeless shelter, children’s hospital, or care package program for troops overseas.

3. Throw it away. Tough, I know. But throw it out or throw it in. Either way it goes to w-a-s-t-e or w-a-i-s-t !

Have no fear – you’ve got this!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

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