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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #006-- Healthy Bariatric Snacks
May 11, 2022

Healthy Bariatric Snacks

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #006 -- Healthy Bariatric Snacks: Guidelines and Ideas

In This Issue

1) Change Your Verbiage
2) Healthy Bariatric Snack Guidelines
3) Healthy Bariatric Snack Ideas
Before I talk about healthy bariatric snacks, let me FIRST suggest changing up the words you use to define between meal eating. Because…

…For most everyone, the word “snack” conjures up thoughts of junky, processed, packaged foods like chips, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, candy bars, etc., etc....

Change Your Words

Replace the word “snack” with “mini meal,” and notice what you think about eating instead.

“Mini meal” might lead you to consider eating a small amount of leftover dinner from the previous night or maybe a turkey lettuce wrap sandwich or maybe some Greek yogurt with berries.

The words “mini meal” make you think of REAL FOOD.

Another advantage is that a “meal” has a defined beginning and a defined end, whereas “snacking” is kind of nebulous, and ongoing, and may not end until a whole bag of chips or box of crackers is consumed!

“Snacks” are more likely to get out of control than “mini meals” are. See the difference your words can make?!

Healthy Bariatric Snacks (Ehem…Mini Meal) Guidelines

If you're far enough out of surgery to include at least 2 foods groups, then do so. (Otherwise a single food group is just fine until you're able to add more):
•Protein + Vegetables
•Protein + Fruit
•Fruit + Healthy Fat
•Vegetables + Healthy Fat
•Protein + Healthy Fat

Or even 3 food groups:
•Protein + Vegetables + Healthy fat

Like this...

Healthy Bariatric Snack Ideas

Protein + Vegetables

•Mix black beans, cottage cheese, and salsa together to make “dip” for baby carrots, snap peas, sweet mini peppers
•Plain nonfat Greek yogurt + Ranch seasoning. Use as a dip for cherry tomatoes and diced cucumbers
•Leftover chicken + cold Brussels sprouts left over from a previous night’s dinner
•Small cup of lentil and vegetable soup

Protein + Fruit

•Low fat string cheese + apple
•Nonfat Greek yogurt + berries. Eat as is, or blend into a shake, or make: “Yogurt Bark:” Mix nonfat Greek yogurt + berries, spread on a cookie sheet and freeze. Break into pieces to eat

Fruit + Healthy Fat

•Apple + almonds
•½ banana + peanut butter/almond butter

Vegetables + Healthy Fat

•Celery + peanut butter/almond butter
•Sweet mini peppers stuffed with guacamole

Protein + Healthy Fat

•Hard-boiled egg, remove yolk, fill with hummus
•Hard-boiled egg, remove yolk, fill with guacamole

Protein + Healthy Fat + Vegetables

•Deli turkey; spread with hummus; roll up in a lettuce leaf
•Spread guacamole down center of deli turkey and roll up. Eat with sugar snap peas.

Let me know what you try!

Bon Appetit!

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In Health,

Suzette Kroll, RDN

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