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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #11--Emotion vs Logic: The Danger Zone
July 20, 2022

The Danger Zone: What It is and How to Avoid

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #11 -- Emotion vs Logic: The Danger Zone

In This Issue

1) Factors the Affect Food Choices
2) Danger Zone: What is Is and How to Avoid
Ever say to yourself, “I’ll just make better choices,” only to have the sight and/or smell of food take over and derail your resolve? “Just making better choices” isn’t so simple.

Factors that Affect Food Choices

• Where you are
• Who you’re with
• How hungry you are
• Your emotions at the time

Each of these factors affect your ability to make a good decision about what to eat at any given moment. But pay attention to the factor you have the greatest ability to control: how hungry you are.

Avoid the Danger Zone

Once you’re in front of food and very hungry, you’re almost guaranteed to make a poor decision. Everyone does!

The “danger zone”occurs when you’ve let yourself get too hungry. You’re highly likely to eat something and regret it later on when you're in the danger zone.

Emotion Vs Logic

An objective, well thought out, logical food choice can only take place when you’re not extremely hungry. Once you’re in front of food and very hungry, choices become purely emotional.

What to Do

The answer should seem obvious by now…

…Simply avoid getting overly hungry!

Plan ahead and don’t let yourself get famished. Do anything and everything in your control to avoid the danger zone.


• Eat mini meals and/or balanced maxi snacks every 3-4 hours.
• Schedule your mealtimes. This way, eating is intentional, not reactive.
• Carry emergency food: string cheese, beef jerky, protein bar, ready to drink protein shakes.
• Drink 64+ oz water daily.
• Eat a small snack to curb your appetite before dining out.
• Avoid skipping meals all day in anticipation of a large meal/celebration like a holiday meal or a wedding.

Be prepared. Never underestimate the power of the “danger zone!”

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