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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #29- Eggscellent Ideas You Need to Know About
April 12, 2023

Eggscellent Ideas

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #029 -- Eggs: They're not just for breakfast anymore.

In This Issue

1) Why They’re Egg-straordinary
2) Cracking Open the Yolk Myth
3) Egg-scellent Tips
4) Eight Egg-scellent Ways to Eat Hard Boiled Eggs

Let's talk about the egg-scellent idea of having hard boiled eggs in your fridge at any given moment. They're not just for special occasions like Easter!

Warning….reading this newsletter will subject you to many more corny egg yolks…jokes I mean….

Egg-straordinary Eggs

Not only are eggs a protein powerhouse, but the yolk is also jam-packed with some serious superpowers! 💪 Check out these egg-stra benefits:

✨ Immune-Boosting Zinc & Selenium: Move over, cold season! These nutrients found in the yolk are here to amp up your immune system and keep you feeling egg-stra strong all year round.

✨ Bone-Building Vitamin D: Forget the milk mustache, it's all about the egg yolk grin! With vitamin D, these hard boiled gems are here to help you build strong bones and teeth.

✨ Brain-Optimizing Choline: Eggs aren't just for breakfast, they're also brain fuel! Choline in the yolk is here to optimize your noggin, keeping you sharp and egg-stra smart.

✨ Eye-Enhancing Lutein: Who needs carrots when you've got eggs? The yolk contains lutein, a nutrient that's all about keeping your peepers in tip-top shape.

So skip the egg-scuses and make hard boiled eggs a regular in your fridge. 🐣🍳😂

They really are an egg- straordinary addition to your everyday diet. I’m cracking myself up here! And speaking of cracking…

Cracking Open the Yolk Myth

🍳😉 You may have heard that yolks are "bad" for the heart, but guess what? According to the American Heart Association, that's just a bunch of yolky baloney! Yolks are NOT the enemy.

In fact, they're an egg-straordinary source of nutrients and whole eggs can absolutely be part of a heart-healthy diet. So don't be afraid to embrace the golden goodness of yolks. ONE egg every day is perfectly fine.

Eggscellent Tips

When it comes to having hardboiled eggs on hand and ready to eat at all times:

Boil up a whole dozen at once FOR THE WEEK and keep them in the shells until you're ready to chow.

Or, if you're in a hurry, no need to scramble around. You can always snag some pre-hard boiled eggs for quick and easy meals or snacks.

🍳😋 8 Egg-cellent Ways to Enjoy Hard-Boiled Eggs

Get ready to egg-speriment with some egg-tastic ideas!

1. COTTAGE CHEESE BOWL: Whip up a protein-packed bowl with egg, creamy cottage cheese, smashed avocado, and a sprinkle of pepper or everything but the bagel seasoning. It's a bowl of yum and one of MY personal favs!

2. SWEET POTATO TOAST: Swap regular toast for some sweet potato goodness! Top your sweet potato toast with a sliced hard-boiled egg, fresh spinach, and creamy avocado. It's toast-tally amazing

3. HUMMUS DEVILED EGG: Mix things up with a healthy twist on deviled eggs! Remove the yolk, mash it up with some hummus, and then return the mixture to each half of the egg. Sprinkle with paprika for a hummus-tastic treat!

4. MEXICAN DEVILED EGG: Give your taste buds a fiesta with a Mexican-inspired deviled egg! Mash the yolk with some creamy avocado, return it to the egg, and then sprinkle with taco seasoning or salsa for a flavor explosion.

5. HEALTHY RAMEN BOWL: Warm up with a cozy and healthy ramen bowl! Add a hard-boiled egg to some bone broth, shirataki "miracle" noodles, and your favorite greens or mushrooms. It's ramen done right!

6. CHEF SALAD: Create a chef-worthy salad with a hard-boiled egg! Toss together romaine, tomato, cucumber, deli turkey, and a high-protein “Ranch” dressing made with plain nonfat Greek yogurt and ranch powder. It's a salad fit for a culinary king or queen!

7. SNACK WITH APPLE: Keep it simple and balanced with an easy snack! Pair a hard-boiled egg with some crisp apple slices for a protein-packed pick-me-up. It's a snack that's egg-straordinary!

8. HUMMUS EGG SALAD: Swap out mayo for hummus in your egg salad for a creamy and healthy twist! Mix a hard-boiled egg with some hummus for a protein-rich and flavor-packed egg salad. It's egg-squisite!

So go ahead and egg-speriment with these fun and tasty ideas to enjoy your hard-boiled eggs in egg- straordinary ways! 🥚😄🍴

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