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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #34- Travel Tips
June 21, 2023

Travel Tips

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #034 -- Travel Tips for Trips on Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!

In this issue:
1) The Right Mindset
2) Hydration
3) Travel Snacks

Healthy eating when you’re on the vacation is a real battle…I know first hand!

But it IS possible to conquer the temptations that lurk around every corner… as long as you summon your inner warrior and take charge!

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Ah, vacation mode – the ultimate invitation to let loose and surrender to the mindset that you deserve to splurge.

Suddenly, all rules fly out the window, right? All bets are off. It's like a free pass to embrace any and every sinful indulgence that crosses your path. You promise yourself you'll "get back on track" once you return to reality.

But wait just a moment! Would you stop taking your prescribed medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol while on vacation? I'm guessing not!

So why abandon your commitment to healthy eating just because you're on a blissful escape? Remember, healthy eating IS a "prescription" for a thriving body and a trim waistline.

Make a conscious decision before you go that it’s NOT OK to endlessly splurge just because you’re away from your home turf and usual routine.

Sure, treat yourself to some delicious extras, but don’t plan to go crazy!


Alright, alright, I can already feel you rolling your eyes at my mention of hydration…yet again!

But this topic deserves a standing ovation. It’s ALWAYS an important topic….but it’s especially important when you’re flying because air travel is particularly dehydrating.

Drinking enough water is also like the VIP pass to suppressing your appetite and taming pesky cravings. When you're out exploring the world, hydration should be your superhero sidekick.

Pro Tip

Carry an empty reusable water bottle through airport security. Once you've cleared the hurdles, bam!

Fill it up with some water. Oh, and don't forget to jazz it up with your favorite water flavorings. Voilà! You've just dodged the overpriced bottled water trap and saved a bundle of cash!

But wait, there's more!

This isn't just a one-time trick. No, no! Take that trusty bottle of hydration with you wherever you wander, just like you (hopefully) do at home.

It becomes an extension of your identity, a statement that says, "I prioritize my health, even on the wildest adventures!"

Healthy Travel Snacks

One of MY favorite things about traveling is packing the legendary “snack bag.” It’s an art form!

I spend A LOT of time thinking about and planning a yummy snack bag whether taking a short road trip or flying across the country.

I even use this watermelon shaped cooler bag to haul around my snacks. It’s so cute and it inspires me to want to fill it up with delectable, nutritious foods!

And for epic expeditions, I upgrade to my insulated backpack cooler- it keeps my snacks fresh and keeps me looking effortlessly cool, lol!

Here’s a list of the healthy choices to fill your snack bag with. Stock up to keep from chewing the wrong things!

Protein Power

NO Refrigeration Required:

• Jerky: Turkey Jerky, Ostrich Jerky, Beef & Ostrich Jerky, Salmon Jerky
• Protein Bars: I suggest Quest Bars for travel because they don’t melt!
• Shelf Stable Ready to Drink Protein Shakes like Premier, Ensure Max Protein. Serve over a cup of ice when you’re ready to sip!
• Tuna/salmon/chicken pouches

If You’ve Got a Cooler:

• Nonfat/lowfat Greek yogurt
• Nonfat/lowfat single serving cottage cheese
• Nonfat/lowfat string cheese
• Lowfat deli meats: turkey, chicken, lean ham, roast beef
• Hard boiled eggs

Veg Out and Fruit Up

Take precut, ready to eat, hand-to-mouth poppin’ produce like…

• Cherry tomatoes, snap peas, baby carrots, edamame, mini bell peppers, celery stalks
• Apples (or bags of pre cut apple slices), clementines, grapes, cherries. (Nature’s sweet delights to conquer your sweet cravings!)


Now let's address the elephant in the room.

Even with these stellar tips, your diet progress might hit a temporary pause during vacation—and that's perfectly okay.

Remember, as long as you're not gaining weight, you're still on track towards your goals. You CAN enjoy your vacation without throwing your progress out the window!

Wishing you safe travels whatever your destinations are!

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In Health,

Suzette Kroll, RDN

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