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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #14-- "Chaining"
September 07, 2022


Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #014 -- You Need to Know About Chaining

In This Issue

1) What is "Chaining"
2) What to Do

What is "Chaining"

Chaining is an interesting psychological phenomenon that occurs naturally in daily life. It occurs when you link several behaviors together, and over time it becomes natural to do them together.

Think: Get in the car--> close the door--> put on seat belt-->put key in the ignition--> turn key.

You never have to consciously think about each step, right?!

That’s because you’ve done it the same way so many times, the chain of events is triggered once you simply get in the car.

Think about brushing your teeth: Take out toothbrush-->unscrew toothpaste-->add paste to brush --> put cap back on toothpaste.

See, you’re already “chaining” daily and didn’t even know it!

The GREAT news is that this technique can be used to help you implement long term healthy lifestyle changes.

What to Do

Link healthy behaviors together so it becomes natural to do them.

Come up with a routine of healthy habits you can string together. Make sure it’s a routine that makes sense and one that you can live with. Then repeat the routine every day for the next 6 months.

For example:

Wake up, go to the kitchen, fill all your water bottles for the day.


Wake up, take a shower, have a protein shake, take your vitamins.


Come home from work, go straight to your room to change into your exercise clothes, then go for a walk.


Cook dinner, pack the leftovers for following day’s lunch, then sit down to eat.

Whatever your routine, do it the same way, every day. This actually changes your brain chemistry by creating new pathways. Your brain then comes to know a predictable chain of behaviors.

This makes sticking to a new healthy lifestyle a breeze!

Get it?

Got it?


It REALLY works. I promise!

Now go to it!

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In Health,

Suzette Kroll, RDN

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