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Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #49 -Wanna Know One of the Best Weight Loss Hacks?
January 17, 2024

Wanna Know One of the Best Weight Loss Hacks?

Tiny Tummy Tips, Issue #49--Do you know about this weight loss hack? You Should!

In This Issue

1) The Weight Loss Hack You Need to Know...and DO!

A once published study discovered something we all know but want to deny: We’re lazy! (Of course, this isn’t unique to humans. Even nature takes the path of least resistance; think about water/rivers!)

Why am I stating the obvious, you ask?!

Because I KNOW you know for the most part what foods to eat and what foods to limit or avoid. But I also know there is a HUGE gap between knowing and doing.


I know one of the biggest barriers between knowing and doing…

is the TIME it takes to do (choose/prepare) the “right” foods.

It’s easier to take “the path of least resistance”….pick up fast food or eat packaged processed foods…because you can pop them right in your mouth with little effort. RIGHT?!

I know… because I wanna do the same thing!


While we’re all free to make our own choices, we’re not free of the consequences. As you know, making suboptimal food choices too often leads to excess weight and poor health.


There’s a way to make “the path of least resistance” work FOR you:

It's EASY to eat the foods you want to eat more of, by keeping them IN SIGHT.

Simple, yet powerful.

Here are Some Examples:

• Buy a veggie party platter tray weekly and keep it at eye level in the fridge.

• Keep a fruit bowl on the counter

• Keep grab-n-go veggies like cherry tomatoes, mini peppers, radishes, and snap peas on eye level shelves in fridge


• Store healthy grab-n-go protein foods on eye level shelves in fridge (Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, hardboiled eggs)

• Make one large salad for the week so it’s ready to eat anytime you want.

• Purchase cute bins for the eye level shelves and label them “Protein,” “Veggies,” and “Fruit.” Keep them filled with your favorite choices.

See a theme here? Store the healthy foods you want to eat more of IN SIGHT, so they’re IN MIND. And make them easy choices to grab on the go.


On the flip side...

Keep the foods you want to eat less of, OUT OF SIGHT or MORE DIFFICULT to get to.

Again, simple, yet powerful.

Here are Some Examples:

• Buy nuts IN THE SHELL. And a Nutcracker. It takes a lot more effort and time to eat them this way, and you have less chance of overeating them! (Note: This was the holiday gift I gave to many of my friends! Because who owns a nutcracker these days?!)

• Buy opaque tins to store packaged snacks in, and store them in the bottom of the pantry.

• Designate the high up, out of the way cabinets above the fridge or the stove for snack foods if you MUST keep them in your home.

• Use the bottom drawers in the fridge for cheese and other high calorie foods you’re trying to eat less of.

• If you own a fridge in the garage, store less desirable foods out there so it’s more trouble than it’s worth to go out and get them.

Get it?

Like I said...It's simple…but powerful!

Now get to it!

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In Health,

Suzette Kroll, RDN

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